The Game Says He Will Rip Jay-Z Limb from Limb…

14 08 2008

(Click the Pictures to hear Interview)

Interview Quotables:

“I’ll kiss Jay-Z with his own lips.”  (pause…)

“I need him to war, I have an album to promote, help me Jay.”

“That lil sign, its cool, we know where that sign is from.  Diamond Dalls Page.”

“Limb by bloody limb…”

“I wish I could retract it, unpackaged it and talk about this committing suicide line.”

“I’m going to make Jay so mad, he’s going to have to diss me.”

“I’m going to make Jay’s diss to me.”

“I’m really focused on that line.”

“I’ll piss on the Roc sign.”

“I’m the only rapper that can be a fan of Jay and be a STAN, I mean fan (ahem).”

Wow!  Ok, now if you’re a Game fan you either one are going to hate me or two not read this post.  The Game is a clown. 50 Cent stan and now Jay-Z stan.  I have an album to promote so I’ll (try) and pick on somebody. Hmmmmmmm, oh I got it Hov.  Not dickriding Hov in anyway, but come one.  Game you’re garbage.  The biggest waste of lyrical talent that ever walked the earth.  You’re whole style is a history lesson/dickriding episode for WHATEVER sixteeen bars to choose to get on.  You would be half way decent is you stopped name dropping and actually rapped son.  You’re trash.  This is the same clown that said 50 Cent didn’t write my album.  Ok, 50 Cent helped me on six songs.  Ok, no 50 Cent just wrote my singles.  Well, ok 50 wrote all my hooks but I don’t have that problem now.  I can write any hook, no problem.  On Game’s singles for his new albums who have been on his hooks to partially save him?  Keisha Cole and Lil Wayne.  The biggest name in female R&B and the biggest name in music.  Still, nothing.  Crickets…No one cares about LAX.  Everybody knows you suck.  Lemme tell you the reason why you suck.  You have no structure.  You are a carbon copy of whatever you see, hear and idolize.  A puppet so to speak.  You rode Dre till he dropped you.  You rode 50 till he dropped you.  Then, it became populare to bash 50.  Oh, thats what Game did.  Then WAYNE made it hott to be a blood in the streets.  Game’s banging again!!!! Whew!!!!  Now, hmmmm last album?  Please, Jay already did it.  Now, you’re gonna Brett Favre it?!?  Lmao!!!! Come on, just stop clown.  This has nothing to do with Jay yet but I’m just sayin this guy is boring, wack and terrible.  His whole career is a STAN.  BLACK WALLSTREET?  Besides Ya Boy they all suck.  Nu Jersey Devil and DJ Skee hold that label down.  The Producer and the DJ.  Just give it a rest Game.  Please…Ok, now to the whole HOV thing.  Game said he will rip Jay limb from limb.  Who has Game ripped limb from limb??? Crickets….Joe Budden?  Memphis Bleek?  50?  The only one in that lineup thats not better than Game in my opinion is Bleek (sorry Buddy).  Now since you have dickrode the entire industry to the extent that you’re nostalgic bullshit of a 16 bars have made has beens relive the glory days you think you can take Jay.  Ok, I commend you’re boldness but you don’t even register on the Richter Scale.  And, then dumb dumb says that whoever he’s beefing with his coast will turn their back on them….Crickets…so you’re telling me people are going to listen to Game over Hov?  When not even Game will stop listening to Hov?  Again, crickets….Then, he said that he’s too disrespectful for Hov.  Like, he’ll include his family, girl, piss on the Roc sign everything.  This is like niggaz who just talk so much shit that they just end up gettin’ the shit beat out of em and when they layin on the ground holding they face (shout out Broadway and Zimple) they’re still talking.   Wow, this Game character, yes character because that’s what he is.  A character, please just commit suicide already.  Well not real suicide because I don’t wish death on no one.  Just hip-hop suicide, leave and go away.  What’s next, he’s going to die and come back as a backpack rapper idolizing MF Doom and Talib Kweli and dress like Andre 3000.  Fuck outta here….I’ll post the interview when this dumb ass said all of this stupid shit as soon as I can get my mouse on it….





Lil Bossy

Oba Rowland

Famous Stranger

Tyrant Capone

5th Child

and more…




6 responses

16 08 2008

Are you out your fucking mind game better than bleek? Bleek is from brooklyn don’t ever get that shit twisted. I wouldn’t even say anything about the other guy from jersey cuz his flow isn’t great and not even seeing bleek. Game is not a fucking rapper you even said it all he do is name drop. People fail to understand callin someone name out in a rap doesn’t make your 16 bars nice. Fall back game is not and would never be a great rapper probably not even an alright rapper. His style is sloppy fuck out of here. He bringing back the west my ass.

19 08 2008

The guy who wrote this articles cant tell his asshole from his mamas pussy. Get the fuck outta here! What is your whole purpose for the article? do u think anyone actually cares wha your personal opinion on The Game is? your whole exsistance is a waste of bandwidth and oxygen. Kill yourself now. flamin faggot dissen The Game claiming game is name droppin yet your whle article is about name droppin. Fukin G-Unit dick rider. The Game has prooved himself in beef/banging/rapping. LAX is gonna put a dick in your mouth. Maybe youll shut the fuck up. All you are is a hater and everyone can see. Youll never know Game or Jay so get off their nuttz. Fakeass bitch

19 08 2008

I guess you’re a game fan…thank you for “prooving” this blog post to the “t”

-The Cincinnati Monster

24 08 2008
Dave B

U talk a lot of shit
I fail to see how the last dudes comments so called proove anything u talk about to a “t”
Tryin to gain attention by any means eh? ok we get it, u have a crush on Game & he doesnt know u exsist. So that leaves u trying to suck on jay-z’s dick or better yet jay-z’s fan bases cocks to get your frustration out on the Game. WEAK! can’t believe i stooped this low to comment on a homo’s blog. AYE YO GAME, WE GOT YA BACK MA BROTHA

24 08 2008

lmao!!!! boy them BWS stans come alive when you tell the truth about Gayme…you might as well said LAX coming soon! lol or game vs. bow wow MADDEN BOWL lmao….

The Coup d’Etat pt. II

October 7th, 2008

26 08 2008
HOVA Niggaz

dat nigga game will neva b betta than Jay. dis nigga is wack attack! bitch ass always talkn shit abt what he gna do. How much guap has dis nigga GAME made compared to Jay shit dis nigga is broke compared to Jay. Jay is a lyricist. Game is a bita. Fuck dat nigga game coming at that nigga jay and this aint dickridin this shit b real. Jay’s rhymes r too intelligent 4 Game. Game wud need a damn dictionary to understand the shit with his dumb ass. Stick to making them cheap ass hurricane shoes game. them $3 shoes. LOL

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