Kanye West to Open 10 Fatburgers In Chicago!

13 08 2008


Damn, somebody beat me to it.  Ok, well technically E40 beat all of us in the Hip-Hop world by getting into EASY MONEY aka Fast Food chains.  Well, my ultimate goal once I begin raping BMI and record labels is to own my own chain of McDonalds.  Say it with me Black America, RESIDUAL INCOME!  Where you’re money works for you instead of you working for your money.  Shout to my homie Charles from LTD who taught me about that shit.  But, seriously I’m on dat shit nigga.  Now, it looks like Kanye is on it.  He’s scheduled to open 10 Fat Burgers in his hometown of Chicago with plans of the initial location being chosen as soon as this coming September.  Ok, homie I see you!  My only concern is him finding time to at least loosely manage all these assets.  I know that nigga has a business team but still.  But, shout out to Kanye.  I like this move.  Diversify your portfolio!




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