Trae Punches Mike Jones @ Ozone Awards

12 08 2008


Well, I can honestly say that this is pretty funny.  Anytime two rappers get into it it’s always hillarious.  But, when one nigga get stole on and thats the end of the “confrontation” it’s always more hillarious.  The story is that Trae just walked up on Mr. 281-330-8004 and gave him the business (no homo).  Jones fell, eye swole up and that was all she wrote.  No come back, no nothing, just night night sweetheart.  I wonder when the diss records will come?  Oh hip-hop…

Here’s what AHH had to say about it: 


Houston, Texas rappers Mike Jones and Trae the Truth were involved in an altercation backstage today (August 11) at the Ozone Awards in Houston.

According to witnesses, the two rappers were having a conversation when Trae the Truth allegedly struck Jones for unknown reasons.

The altercation occurred in the backstage area, as artists like Slim Thug, David Banner, Alfamega and other industry types congregated in a press area.

The assault left Jones with a laceration to his face, but it is unknown if Jones required medical attention.

The reason for the altercation between the two Houston rappers occurred for unknown reasons, although sources told tensions between the two had already been high.

The Ozone Awards are taking place at the George R. Brown Convention Center.


Despite the fracas between Trae the Truth and Mike Jones backstage, The Ozone Awards went off without any further incidents.


Performers included Shawty Lo, B.O.B., while T Pain, Young Jeezy, David Banner DJ Khaled and Rap-A-Lot CEO J. Prince took home honors.




5 responses

21 08 2008

First of all I am from P>A>T , that’s Port Arthur,Tx.. and I am confused ,, who in the heck is Trae???I have heard of Zro..But no t this person, .. I am not a fan of Mike Jones, But i think violence is just unnecessary..SMH..If you have to put your hands on someone at an Awards event what respect does that show that you have of your city..????and the Awards at that..

25 08 2008

This cleveland a.k.a the land representing 4 all the hoods n city. 4 ol boy 2 be from P.A.T n dont know about Trae u know he aint no real screw head or a real nigga at that. See we been screw heads up here 4 bout 10 2 15 years now n we know bout everybody in the south,espeically TEXAS!!!!! What Trae did 2 Mike n why he did it made perfect sense 2 me. No matter how people feel bout the situation real niggaz do real things n Trae a real nigga n he did what he had 2 do so i respect him 100%!!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. D.J. SCREW & PIMP C

31 08 2008

This is .:Josh:. from That Cuzz Town!!! hold up hu is Trae and Z-ro? say CUZZ u must not be listinin to rap beCUZZ when u say Trae and Z-ro thatz all real shit no matter wat!! Z-ro best raper alive!!! “SOME NIKKAZ BE RED BUT Z-RO BLUE”

9 09 2008
Ali Al-Mohammedy

Sad to see these 2 brothers fighting with eachother……

But since it had to happen, I got Trae’s back. His beats are ill, and after hearing Pop Trunk and Swang –i fell in love with Texas rap.

Hope they can work out they issues in a productive manner and keep making beats –which is what i pay them to do. Long live Trae!! Keep blasting those 2 12 inch Kickers until the trunk rattles itself off the fucking hinges!

Salaam Aleykum. Peace from Texas to the Middle East.


Ali from Pakistan

28 11 2008

off top trae a sav fuck mike jones hes a punk bitch. im from the bay and i dont really fuck wit the south but trae and ro the shit. ASSHOLES BY NATURE ON EVERYTHING.

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