Whew…Long Week, Back In Cincinnati Finally!

3 08 2008



Yo whaz up man, this ya homeboy THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM.  1st off thank you for comin’ to da site for real.  20,000 hits is no easy feat.  So, thanks to all of you who continue to come to my site and make it better and better.  Just know, I read all the comments and post WHAT I think is relevant.  Thats why you don’t see a bunch of cat Hip-Hop news about corny beefs and retarded shit.  I like to keep it down the middle and give you good content fused with a LITTLE bit of my opinion.  But, shit on another note this week has been, lets just sat battle with Sprint week.  Living without a cell phone is detramental to one’s health but I have been doing it since I broke up with my GF.  HONESTLY, its helping me get over that shit because I have no way to call or text her.  Ironically that still doesnt stop us from communicating (FACEBOOK…EMAIL).  Hmmmmmm, but anyway Sprint has been finding a way to piss me off all week.  First, they dont have my beloved Treo in stock.  They lie to me and tell me it is, then UPS exposes them.  So that delays my trip home.  THEN UPS loses my phone once it has been shipped…THEN SPRINT MAKES ME HOLD ON THE PHONE FOR FIVE HOURS!!!!!!  Yes, from 930a until 2pm.  Luckily I had nothing other to do but play Metal Gear IV and gripe to myself.  So, they finally came through for me.  100 dollar credit to my account for waiting and a brand new Blackberry 8300.  I still think that I’m bout to ditch them niggaz anyway and go get the IPHONE.  But, for the time being I’m rocking with Sprint, simply because of that dreded early termination fee.  But, with all that done and said, I am finally in CINCINNATI.  The first thing I did when I got here was go to Skyline and get a 6 pack of Heineken.  Then, got to the house and made a beat.  My discipline is way off.  I couldn’t sit still long enough to play a melody at first but I made myself sit here and bang out.  Boy, did it feel good.  So, I’, dedicating this week to getting my mojo back and banging out my album, mixtape, remix tape, other niggaz beats, requests.  Everything to enhace my catalog.  I’M BACK NIGGA!!!!!  




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