Wow, It’s Official Ricky Ross Was A Cop!

22 07 2008


Shout Out to The Smoking Gun for confirming this.  I don’t know what else is needed to confirm it but The Smoking Gun provided the facts that Rick Ross was so adamant about in his denial video.  The Smoking Gun provided: dates, names and even salary changes in their records EXPOSING the MIA superstar.  Wow, this is a damaging blow.  How does Rick Ross respond?!

Peep the records:

Wow, I think it might be a wrap for Ross, see if you would have just told the truth to begin with, none of this would have happened.




3 responses

23 07 2008

Man dats so crazy how dis shit done finally came out…my nigga was locked up wit a nigga from Miami a while ago and told me dat his dude from florida told him dat Ross used to be a C.O….I aint think it was tru but dat goes to show a lot of niggaz aint about what dey be talkin…cuz if a nigga REALLY touchin dem thangz, 9 times outta 10 he aint thinkin bout workin…especially 4 nobody else…but everybody work dey hand differently…i cant knock nobody 4 how dey get dey money, whether its hustlin, grindin, or workin as a C.O., but dont sell me a lie…

25 07 2008

Well, I believe we are all responsible for this (i mean media, consumers, record labels). If he was a correctional officer, that is nothing to be ashamed about. But in a world where a killer has more of a following than a hero, what do you expect? In the media, heroes get their every move analyzed and scrutinized (Obama) and the bad guys get away with murder (O.J., W, VP Cheney). Regular people has been manipulated to think that being law abiding is not cool but when shit hits the fan, they want the police ASAP. Look at Akon, he wanted to be in the “business” so bad that he had to spice up his brush with the law. You know why record sales is down, not because of limited promotions or the economy. It is people waking up to realize that it is a fantasy. Think about it. Watch a hip hop video. Flossin and bossin with the money, cars, jewelery and woman. It looks cool to be the “boss”. The only boss that is there is the director when he says “Cut, that’s a wrap”. If “Rick Ross” wants to deny it, that’s fine. He has to wake up to that lie everyday and have to explain everyday to his friends and family why he is who he is. p.s. Change your rap name. The real Rick Ross was responsible for bringing crack to another level in the West Coast. Ask yourself this question, do you want to really want to floss your name that is associated with the person who single handedly destroyed families and communities. Funny how you picked that name and was working as a C.O. putting guys like that away. Grow Up, kid.

29 07 2008

Man yall all need to fall back. How do you think work and tobacco and all that shi get into the pen…in most cases its by some grimy asss C.O’s. Imagine how much work they put in on niggas behind the walls when they flex… and how much they let nigs slide with in there if they cool wit em. They earn respect on the inside from tru asss nigs doin time and do they thing when they get off the clock. I know a nig right now thats a C.O. and his hands been in for a lonnng time. Tell me a better cover for a true hustler..I wish he would have owned up to it though from the beginning and just said some shi like I just did to defend himself.

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