Thanks For The Love!

21 07 2008

Today was a record setting day @ THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM.  Today we had our most hits in one day.  Damn near 2,000 hits for a new website, my vision and my new pride and joy.  I want to take this time out to personally thank everyone who visited today.  Most people came to the site today to check out the Rick Ross Drama thats unfolding.  I liked Ross, still do but this is crazy!!!!  But, anyway to celebrate THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM going over 10,000 hits I’m going to release a song that I was saving for my album.  It’s called The Y.F.L. by my man Famous Stranger.  YFL stands for Young Fella League andwhen you hear the song you’ll understand.  Famous is an artist from New Orleans with crazy talent, original to the T and is really fresh.  We’ve done some work in the past but this song gave a lasting impression on me and I was trying to save it but….DAMN being your own boss has its PERCS!  So check out the song when I host it via THE CINCINNATI MONSTER.COM!!!!! 




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