R.I.P. Rick Ross Street Credibility

21 07 2008


Can Rick Ross come back from this?  What if these are really photoshop jobs?  I don’t think they are.  I think these are real pics.  If Ross would have came out when he first became a rapper and said, yea nigga I used to work in a prison nigga so the fuck what, they wasnt paying a nigga so I got out here and hustled, ehhhh but I would have had more respect for him.  This shit is wild, you know all the lines he said yea I know the REAL ESCOBAR and NOREGA it all makes more sense now because they were in jail and he was their CO!!!!  What I don’t condone is Khaled at the end of this video.  I surely hope that the author of the video just put some irrelevant clip on the end of this video and Khaled really isn’t slamming him like that because Ross made him ALOT of money and helped Khaled get to where he’s at so in a way he’s just as guilty as Ross.  So PLEASE don’t let that be real of Khaled.  In the words of Dizzy, YALL NIGGAZ IS REAL WITH DAT FAKE SHIT!!!!!!




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21 07 2008
Chill E. Max

This is really upsetting. First of all, both Trick and Ross are pretty decent at what they do. Thing is, Trick REALLY IS from the Pork and Beans, he REALLY DID do four years on a coke charge, and ‘Wood REALLY WAS his brother.
Rick Ross, on the other hand, is a rapper. He got on at Slip-n-Slide as a ghostwriter for Trina, who went to The ‘West with Trick, and was ‘Wood’s girlfriend before he got killed. Rick Ross has been on Slip-n-Slide since AT LEAST ‘99. When Tana was Ceh’s right hand man, I used to hear stuff Rick Ross was doing in the studio that was never put out, and this was like, 2000, 2001.
Now all of a sudden, in ‘06, I hear this song, Hustlin’, by Ross. He’s talking all this big boy junk, and I’m like, cool. It’s just a song. The thing that threw me was how he was rockin’ the Boobie Boys shirt in the video. I”m not saying he didn’t know Boobie. I’m not saying he didn’t get down with Boobie Boys. All I’m saying is all the REAL Boobie Boys got multiple life sentences.
Miami is like any other big city in that even if you’re a square, chances are you’re somehow affiliated with somebody on the grind. Me personally, I’ve been to college, and I’ve been to prison. I’ve had good jobs, and I’ve smoked dope. It’s all a matter of choice, you see. Nobody is all one thing or the other. Trick has done some goon things in his life, but he also got mobbed in Detroit by Trick Trick’s people, and warmed up at Tootsies by the bouncers. Trick used to sit up in Coco’s with the same dudes who merked ‘Wood, and he never shot at them. None of that means he is fake. Sometimes, you just have to choose your battles. Trick also gives out toys every year at Christmas. Does that make him less “street”? He lives in Broward now. Does that mean he’s not from Pork and Beans?
Long story short, yeah, “Ross” is from Carol City, and that alone means he’s affiliated with some REAL orangutangs. Maybe he was a C.O. I seem to remember an article where HE said he worked at Metro West. That doesn’t mean he never put in any work. But regardless as to whether he did or not, people need to face the fact that all these guys are JUST ENTERTAINERS!
Bob Marley never shot the sheriff.
R. Kelly doesn’t REALLY believe he can fly.
And Rick Ross doesn’t really know Pablo Escobar (Pablo’s been dead since ‘93).
It’s all just entertainment.
I hope these cats can squash this beef, because Miami has been looking good for the past couple years now.
P.S. For some dope Broward County hip hop check out http://www.myspace.com/chillemaxmost

22 07 2008

khaled is a fuckin pussy man i can’t stand that fat faggotass nigga. he aint shit and he never gonna be shit. yeh he get money, but for nothin. he aint a rapper, nothin but a hype man. a fuckin annoying hype man. FUCK DJ KHALED

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