Game’s Cousin Replies to Funeral Fight…

21 07 2008


Usually when The Game makes accusations I typically side with the other side, even if it’s just to play Devil’s Advocate.  But, after looking at this video it made me wonder.  First off, he’s a rapper.  Loss of points right there.  Because this is most definitly a publicity stunt.  Second, the facts are so misjudged that I can’t see him being true.  Third, the way he describes his sister doesn’t resonate someone being truly remorseful.  Only, driven by money well in this case FAME.  The uploader only had three other videos before hand and none of them reached over 600 views.  Plus, in the video there were MULTIPLE refferences to his myspace page and record label.  Come on, this is what we stoop to to get fame?!  Terrible.  However, I would love to go against Game here, but he can’t go down on or like this.  This is trash.  BWS for Life!!! (You know I had to slip that in…..FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!! lmao!!!!!)




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