The Game to Replace Mack 10 in Westside Connection

16 07 2008


Really don’t have anything bad to say about this.  This seems like a good move to me, I just hope Game doesn’t take this opportunity to hug Ice Cube’s nuts and kiss WC’s ass.  Just stand up on your own two!   Good look for West Coast Hip-Hop.  I actually want to see this shit work out.  We’ll see!


Peep What DX had to say:


Early this afternoon, anonymous sources close to the Westside Connection camp revealed that Ice Cube has revealed to his inner-circle that famed trioWestside Connection will return after several years of hiatus.

Although not confirmed by either party, further details said that estranged member Mack 10 would be replaced by none other than Compton rapper The Game. Both are Blood affiliates in the group, formed in 1995 that featured Crip and Blood members.

Westside Connection originated on Mack 10‘s self-titled album on the song “Westside Slaughterhouse.” The group would release seminal coastal-war albumBow Down the following year, spawning the hit of the same name and “Gangsters Make The World Go Round.” The trio, also including veteran emcee WC, had public feuds with both Common and Cypress Hill.

After platinum success on their debut, the trio released 2004’s Terrorist Threats. The gold-certified disc was quickly followed with the group’s disbanding. WC subsequently signed to Ice Cube‘s Lench Mob Records label. There, he releasedGuilty By AffiliationThe Game appeared on “West Coast Voodoo” on that album. The Compton rapper also appears, with Cube and WC on Cube‘s upcoming albumRaw Footage on the song “Get Used To It,” perhaps an allusion to the upcoming group revival. Ice Cube is also on The Game‘s L.A.X. album, on the song “State of Emergency.” 




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