Rick Ross Refutes Cop Photos; Then Proceeds To Air Trick Daddy Out!

16 07 2008


Hmmmm, Trobule brewing in Miami?!?  Ross seems pretty upset @ Trick’s statements.  Either he’s pissed at his credibility being pissed on with these cop photos or he’s pissed at niggaz for starting some bullshit rumors.  Either way, dat nigga is pissed.  If Ross is right, why is Trick so mad at Ross for bein’ hot?  If Trick is right, then niggaz should just stop with this lying rapper bullshit.  Ross might have been a big time dope dealer.  But, somethin’ smells fishy about his credibility about this nigga.  So what, this nigga played college football for Delaware State.  But, the real Rick Ross asked him to stop using his name.  Then, he so makes up alot of shit.  Either way he’s nice.  I like Ross.  But, ehhhhh something smells fishy.  Time will tell.




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20 07 2008
305 Jack Boi

Ross wrong fo dat. Ross aint neva been no C.O., but he shouldnt call out Trick like dat. Trick da realest out. Dis messed up shyt.

21 07 2008
Chill E. Max

This is really upsetting. First of all, both Trick and Ross are pretty decent at what they do. Thing is, Trick REALLY IS from the Pork and Beans, he REALLY DID do four years on a coke charge, and ‘Wood REALLY WAS his brother.
Rick Ross, on the other hand, is a rapper. He got on at Slip-n-Slide as a ghostwriter for Trina, who went to The ‘West with Trick, and was ‘Wood’s girlfriend before he got killed. Rick Ross has been on Slip-n-Slide since AT LEAST ’99. When Tana was Ceh’s right hand man, I used to hear stuff Rick Ross was doing in the studio that was never put out, and this was like, 2000, 2001.
Now all of a sudden, in ’06, I hear this song, Hustlin’, by Ross. He’s talking all this big boy junk, and I’m like, cool. It’s just a song. The thing that threw me was how he was rockin’ the Boobie Boys shirt in the video. I”m not saying he didn’t know Boobie. I’m not saying he didn’t get down with Boobie Boys. All I’m saying is all the REAL Boobie Boys got multiple life sentences.
Miami is like any other big city in that even if you’re a square, chances are you’re somehow affiliated with somebody on the grind. Me personally, I’ve been to college, and I’ve been to prison. I’ve had good jobs, and I’ve smoked dope. It’s all a matter of choice, you see. Nobody is all one thing or the other. Trick has done some goon things in his life, but he also got mobbed in Detroit by Trick Trick’s people, and warmed up at Tootsies by the bouncers. Trick used to sit up in Coco’s with the same dudes who merked ‘Wood, and he never shot at them. None of that means he is fake. Sometimes, you just have to choose your battles. Trick also gives out toys every year at Christmas. Does that make him less “street”? He lives in Broward now. Does that mean he’s not from Pork and Beans?
Long story short, yeah, “Ross” is from Carol City, and that alone means he’s affiliated with some REAL orangutangs. Maybe he was a C.O. I seem to remember an article where HE said he worked at Metro West. That doesn’t mean he never put in any work. But regardless as to whether he did or not, people need to face the fact that all these guys are JUST ENTERTAINERS!
Bob Marley never shot the sheriff.
R. Kelly doesn’t REALLY believe he can fly.
And Rick Ross doesn’t really know Pablo Escobar (Pablo’s been dead since ’93).
It’s all just entertainment.
I hope these cats can squash this beef, because Miami has been looking good for the past couple years now.
P.S. For some dope Broward County hip hop check out http://www.myspace.com/chillemaxmost

24 07 2008


26 07 2008

Yo. That Nigga Aint Never Play Football at Del. State, trust i kno…. i go there and been around there forever. this shit really hurt that my nigga CO smh.

12 08 2008

i dont kno kells might really believe that…lmao good one bra

7 09 2008

He Is A Fucking Cop.Trillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

7 09 2008

Rick Ross is a Cop.I use to know him and fuck him.He needs to be chopped in pieces by the niggas.He ain’t real.Die Snitch.

9 12 2008
SEAN THE DON WSFX 89.1 105.5

People are so critical its insane. Get real, most of the shit we hear is all made up. Who cares, we’re listening to stories and like they said it’s only entertainment. Noone stands at the door of the studio with a bible swearing people to oath. If you believe the constant flow of bull shit rappers strew about, then you must be in the middle of writing your letter to santa. so we’ll let you get back to that. If you can’t enjoy the picture an artist paints, don’t look at it or in this case listen to it. Bottom line I don’t care if Ross is a co, or Tupac was an actor from jersey. However, I do draw the line on snitchin, and being an informant. Like TI, snitchin. He had to snitch on the person who killed his man Philant Johnson. He has a lot of priors, hes got three guns on him, half a pound to calm his nerves on the ride haha. and hes picking up 7 weapons most were automatic, and some held 100-200 rounds. He was ready to exact revenge on his enemy, and got caught up probably by the feds selling him the weapons. Which led to his most recent of many arrests. Then hes sentenced to a huge amount of community service with a hearing to finalize his sentencing for prison time. He’s looking at 1500 hrs of community service, followed by 12 months in prison. Which may change, it isn’t set in stone yet. I must say even in a situation where my closest of close was taken out. I would sooner eye for an eye. Then sell my soul to the police. I must say, it sounds about right. Philant is murdered, case deemed ‘cold’ TI gets arrested prepping for a small scale war. Snitches on the people he’s going after, the Philant case has some big breaks, TI is given a plea a few days following the new info. Now TI is serving his community service, which will lead to a hearing in which he can be given a light sentence.. WOW. K.A.R.

9 12 2008

you’re forgetting the entire part where the brother told on the other brother…besides that…yea you got it all rite…lol…thaz why the case was cold and abruptly reopened…the prosecution had a witness, a credible one at that…THATS THE REAL SNITCH. now he loses a brother and has to deal with the fact he aided in killing a man, plus the damage he caused his family…thats the biggest and real problem…NOT T.I…

17 02 2009

thats alright 50 got officer ricky hahah dat nigga was a cop idc what any1 say that pictures real you aint the boss pussy nigga you must be lost, fat fuck playing wii fit nintendo, yo ass the police my niggas criminals, dj kahled “we the best” 50 “yeah you da best you da cock sucking best” hahah 50 going get rich or die trying on they ass he bout to make them non raping ass niggas disappear watch officer ricky should have just kept walking when they ran into eachother instead of cryig bout it like a bitch cause 50’s his role moldel hahaha that bitch is lame ass fuck he aint bout shit cause instead of saying something when it happen he went home and made a song about it and if you dont think thats bitchassness then your a bitch too and thats real as fuck

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