What The Fuck is Wrong With The New Yorker?

15 07 2008

I could rant and rave all I want about this being racist and controversial.  It is.  I could say this is propaganda to fuse the idea of Barack being a muslim extremist.  It is.  I think this is crazy lol.  Like who in their right mind would do this.  We all know that our country’s biggest fear and enemy (right now) are Muslim extremists and terrorists who like to prey on innocent American lives.  So to portray possibly the next president as a muslim is crazy to me.  And, if the story comes out that its because of his name.  Even WORSE!  But, my intuition leads me to believe that they are going to make this out to be something about his diplomatic policy towards Iraq.  Hmmm so Barack’s policy AGAINST Iraq and the presence of American soldiers is so weak that he’s Bin Laden now?  Lol oh the things people pull to sway votes or discredit people.  I’m a fan of freedom of speech but this is retarded.  I wonder would they do this for John McCain?




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16 07 2008

The irony is that the New Yorker is actually a liberal mag that is in support of Senator Obama. They have spoken favorably about him in the past and this cover was intended to be a satire. THEY FAILED. MISERABLY. A satire only works when people know its intent to be satirical. What I don’t understand is why mr editor over at the New Yorker though this was a good idea. This is a crucial point in the election and about 24% of people (across party lines) actually believe Obama is Muslim. I dont’t know how many times he has to say “I am a Christian” before people actually believe him. I didn’t get angry when I saw this cover. My first emotion was sadness. I expected more. The people at the New Yorker just don’t get it. And if they, being liberal and progressive, don’t get it..how in the world is the rest of America going to get it?

16 07 2008

I also feel that the REAL problem is the way Muslim-Americans are portrayed in this photo….as gun toting radicals. This is a disgrace. Not funny. Not satirical.

16 07 2008

i agree wholeheartedly, its good to see the loyola community stand up!

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