Kia Shine Responds to Getting Sonned…

14 07 2008

If you haven’t seen the infamous video by now here it is…

ok now i’m not a fan of Kia Shine but I respect anyone who is out here in this game making a living. However, I believe Hip-Hop would be better with a brain like his behind the scenes.  Rather he was there or not this was pretty funny.  But, 36 could have done it better.  BTW what the eff is up with these pointed wrist chains.  I guess thats their swag.  Here’s the news from HIPHOPDX.

After becoming the latest participant in Hip Hop’s infatuation with the viral video last week, “Kinfolk” Kia Shine is attempting to clear up what appears to be a simmering beef between himself and Three-6 Mafia. During the first week of July Conversation Piece magazine uploaded a video of DJ Paul and Juicy J mocking the fellow Memphis rapper Kia Shine says he was unaware of the remarks during his appearance.

“When I first got off the stage I didn’t even hear the shit, and then when I went toYouTube. All of this shit was a surprise to me too because I didn’t even see the shit they was all saying,” Shine says of the video, which has since garnered over 11,000 views. “I wasn’t even there.”

Kia Shine added that he has already filmed a response to the video and is in the process of editing it. As for any hopes of reconciliation, he says he’s “definitely going to have a conversation with [Three-6 Mafia],” since he doesn’t know what sparked the beef.

“I was just with them at the BET Awards,” Kia Shine says. “I’ve been with them like four or five different times since then. If I thought that it would have been an issue, I would not have come up there in the first place, so that’s what really threw me because, damn, we were just together.”

Having parted ways with Universal/MotownKia Shine is currently unsigned and working on a sophomore effort entitled Respect Due. The album and an accompanying DVD entitled The Kush, are expected to be released sometime in 2009.






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15 07 2008
901 Dude

Here’s another response 2: Kia Shine Responds To Three 6 Diss on MemphisRap site

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