7 07 2008


The news that 50 Cent’s website covers is real.  Yes, I believe that the actual news of actual happenings in Hip-Hop and the world are real.  Yes, those are real in order to bait you into the site.  However, when it comes to him and the rest of G-Unit.  That shit is all propaganda. I can’t believe none of the G-UNIT news reported on THISIS50.COM unless it has been reported elsewhere.  Thats dumb as fuck.  Why are you preying on your fans like that. If you had a wack album, you had a wack album.  If you got bad press or bad reviews or blogs are hating on you.  Then blogs are hating and you had a bad album and so forth and so on.  What did it for me is when THISIS50.COM started running this report that they were going to do 700k this week.  I was like ehhhh, maybe I can see it happening because they have been killing the internet.  Then I thought why.  Because Buck left, 50 has been running everywhere and this and that.  Not because of the music.  Then the reviews came out.  2 starts, 3 out of 5, one 4 star.  I was like there is no way and hell this album is going to sell 700k in it’s first week and people are not cosigning it outside of THISIS50.COM  Then the real number projections come out and the first thing THISIS50.COM says is that there has been an Interscope sabatoge.  And, they will sell 100k.  The fuck?!  Is that the new way to blame your label?  They’re making money off of you so they undership you? Riiiiiiight!!!!!  T.O.S. is not an entire flop.  There are some really good songs on there (Straight Outta Southside, Casulties of War and Piano Man) but, it’s too bland.  Too far from what made G-UNIT hot in the first place.  Its running in place, its not boundry testing.  It’s regular and corny.  The bar is set to high.  and, if you’re going to be the bad guy in the game you have to be lights out everytime.  This shit was hot garbage.  Be real, make real music G-UNIT.  Come back down to reality and stop making up news to put on your site.  Thats so corny.  


-Shift Love the Kids




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10 07 2008
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fiddy is the biggest cry baby i have ever seen. i thougt he was done rapping anyway since he lost to kanye

25 08 2008
cashvilles don

g-unit over banks leaving for def jam young buck new album on the way

28 08 2008
Game's Advocate

LAX go cop it, its out now. Fuck Gay-Unit

98,000 the first week ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

28 08 2008
West Coast Savior

LAX out now, fuck Gay-Unit

29 08 2008

Get gone Fif!! enjoy that vitamin water money and shu the fuck up fuck nigga!!!

30 08 2008


16 09 2008
The Truth

As of today. Curtis has sold 4million copies worldwide. The Graduation has sold 2.4 million worlwide. That speaks volumes and shows which is and was the better album. Just because a bunch of 50 haters and gullible people who bought into the kanye hype bought it in the first week doesn’t show the true story. One year on i’m still yet to hear anyone out on the street or on the train actually listening to kanye’s album. Know why nobody’s listening to that, coz kanye’s the most overated piece of hype since tupac died. Just because tupac died, doesn’t suddenly make his mediocrity great. Also, where the f*** is Game now? Game fell off big time. Truth of the matter now, u ask who is the greatest rapper right here right now…… there’s only 1 answer. its 50. Jay z retired, long past his best. Kanye the preacher hypocrite can’t even compete.

20 09 2008

2pac mediocrity? game fell off? 50 the greatest ? you are one cracked out individual. 2pac is only the king of the genre, Game iif not the best then the realest in the industry. 50 is really good but needs to get rid of the g-unit monkeys. 50 forgot where he came from, while that doesnt make him suck it does infact effect what made him. His style changed. Peep all his albums in order from underground cds to curis. Your truth is your opinion.

26 09 2008

dude, those were blogs, in lame terms, they were made up by fans. besides, if they did post it, it their site they can do wat ever the fuk they want. quit hating, its just hype.

29 11 2008

i completely agree wit #7 & 9. game did fall off and no one cares about him and his gay ass covered up butterfly tattoo..super homo. how can he be the realest when you got rappers like Styles P and Beans and Cass in the game…obviously Dave604 is a cracked out individual! lol, stupid ass. and how could fif forget where he came from when he’s constantly biggin up southside. another dumb statement from Dave604. tru his style did change, the nigga is a lil less gritty but lets face it you aint gonna make it if you straight gutta 24/7..even Hov switched up, wayne switched up….even fuckin jada switched up a lil and he’s straight gutta, so what does that mean…sorry folks but niggas is tryna make a livin…u gotta go where the money is and that would mean going commercial! so get off of games dick cuz he aint ever gonna go further then where he is now and 50 gonna stay on his grizzy…nigga wuz #1 on forbes for 08!…ahead of Hov and Puff! so wake the fuck up!

1 12 2008
rap music

its bout time for the unsigned rappers to get they shine on… all the major rap shit is officialy dead

28 01 2009
fuck 50 does that ring a bellz

a 50 u fuckin punkass bitch y would u diss lil wayne u dumbass bitch and think he not gonnahit u back huh u faggot u must forgot lil wayne iz 10 timez betta than u fuck ggggg-unot or w/e gay unit lmfao 50 Cent – Play This On The Radio ( Lil Wayne Diss ) that shit was gay like u and then u diss ja fatjoe camron dipset gonna hit u back up u think not gay-unit suck man get that threw ur head u faggot head u said dont end up on tha list nigga lmfao wat list tha faggot list nigga ur a scared bitch u dont kill so chill tha fuck out and this waznt a diss but who dissed now u dimple face bitch and a bullet lve a hole in ya face not a dimple u sucka ass nigga

28 01 2009
fuck 50 does that ring a bellz

man that nigga dont want it shout out to young money city im on tha mic again bout to dis fity and not goin back to tha pen im only 15 my guns clap like im fuckin a girl in holiday inn punked ur ass once now u back at it fuck off nigga like a crack attic my lyrics is too crazy for these punks my shoes cost more cuz i got them, dunks haha u wack ass nigga say ur grace befor u eat then and up bac on ur case ur a disgrace to tha rap (game) nigga rap but lips dont move so i go insain 1234567 ur not a gorilla ur a a8e so sit back and when u see my 9 tap u already kno it’z a rapp

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