Obie Trice OFFICIALLY off Shady Records

1 07 2008


Honestly, I never got into Obie and thats very well my fault.  The songs i did listen to were crack.  He just never appealed to me.  But, when I caught wind of him leaving Shady Records i was perplexed because I had a conversation with Riggs Morales the last time he came to New Orleans about Obie being the future of the label and he wanted beats from me for him and the res of his labelmates.  Hmmm interesting.  So what’s next for the label, hell whats next for Obie.  There’s rumors flying around that me might join the shiny suit crew and head to Bad Boy.  I think he should regroup, hit the underground, release some mixtapes and then go the Koch route and keep the majority of his cake. Here’s the OFFICIAL statement from Shady.  Peep Below!


Shady Records has agreed to allow Obie Trice to pursue his craft in a different forum free from the constraints of the current major label model.  Eminem will continue to support and work with Obie on many levels of his career.  He remains a close friend and member of the Shady family.

Good Luck Obie!




2 responses

2 07 2008

i think no matter what obie does will be successful, cuz i remember that song “the setup” and i was hooked. but i didnt really hear much from him again after that. he needs to come out with something.

25 07 2008

don not you remember “Cry Now” , “Don’t come down” , “Stay Bout It” feat Stat Quo , “Love Me”feat Eminem 50 Cent………yo man really don’t remember tracks….no joking
Obie is continues his way the road of the major music indrusties road! no doubt!

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