Soulja Boy Comes Back!!!! Well He Explains Himself…

26 06 2008


I’ve been sitting back watching this Soulja Boy/Ice-T bullshit and really marking both sides points and moving on. Personally I think the whole thing is a load of crap with a couple of diamonds in between.  First off, Soulja Boy is a horrible rapper.  However, his model of success should be studied.  No one is breaking records the old way anymore.  The physical way of breaking a record now is by infiltrating all the forms of media, not just walking the streets.  Your presence has to be felt everywhere and you have to connect with your audience.  Soulja Boy has found a way to connect with his and he’s doing his thang!  Instead of calling him out, and telling someone who could be his son to EAT A DICK, Ice should have been focusing.  He apologized, ok cool.  Lil Soulja should have just kept it at that, but the young boy has grown nuts and came back.  I’m not hating, I just believe that he should have kept it at the come back video.  But, let me clarify myself.  Soulja Boy is a horrible rapper.  He single handedly made me stop liking “My Dougie” when I heard him on the remix.  I hope he evolves (seriously).  Ice needs to get over himself and be Ice.  Rap, pimp and play a cop on TV.  You opened up doors for us man.  I appreciate you!  Do you, this rap beef shit is corny now.



-Shift Love the Kids


Here’s the news



Although many view Soulja Boy as a kid who made up a silly dance and got famous, the young artist has been doing a lot in the time between albums. He’s been producing, rhyming, collaborating and battling with Ice-T. Recently, he spoke on all the hoopla surrounding him.

“I’m sitting back in the cut. While I stop working, I’m still working,” he recently told MTV of his production. He’s cut tracks for himself, his protege and Bow Wow.

While he stays behind boards, he’s also got help from other producers for his upcoming album iSouljaBoy, something that didn’t happen on the first.

“The album is gonna be crazy. I got more features on there. The first album, I produced the whole album; second album I’m looking to work with different producers such as Polow Da Don. I might collab with artists such as Bow Wow andSean Kingston.”
For those who aren’t privy to the beef brewing between 
Soulja and Ice-T, a war of words has started. First, Ice claimed Soulja Boy ruined the culture and that the young man could “eat a dick.” Mr. Crank Dat came back with a video dis, laughing about Ice-T‘s age, his acting and relevancy [click to read].

Ice later released his own clip, where he apologized…sort of.

“I apologize Soulja Boy for telling you to eat a d*ck. That was just in anger. Because truthfully, a brother of my caliber shouldn’t be talking down on a youngster of your age,” Ice-T explained. “But as far as your music goes… it’s garbage! There are kids that go in the studio and really try to rap. That really sit down and write stuff. I’m talking about you are garbage! We got to get rid of that, man. Hip Hop has to last and it ain’t gonna last with you doing that Supaman bullshit.”

Soulja Boy retaliated with an animated video. As he put it, he is unafraid to go up against the O.G.

“I ain’t sugar-coat nothing. I ain’t back down. I ain’t scared of dude or nothing like that. I just told him how I felt when he spoke on me. This ain’t no beef or drama. I’m 17 years old and he’s I-don’t-know-how-old. I was defending myself.”

His new LP 
iSouljaBoy is set to be released in the Fall of 2008.




10 responses

14 10 2008

vis is gd. xxoxx

5 12 2008

I love Soulja boy hes reall hot and a great singer!!!! oR Rapper i should say!!! lol well hes freakin amazing!!!!!! lol

31 12 2008

doont dis soulja boy – i suggest u just keep ur thoughts to ur self cos look at soulja boy – hes got betta stuff to do than look at people who are just ” trying ” to diss him – he knows hes better than youuh n hes got more confidence bouut him self – so shut ya moutth u lil silly weirdooooo – go get a life – u need one ASAP – instead of takin da piss outa peepz – jussss look and focus on ur own life cos takin da piss outa peepz aint gonna get u anywherrrrr in lyf – – daymmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm – faz – xx

13 01 2009
Touma D.


16 01 2009


16 01 2009
Soulja Boy's hot

You’re SO wrong. If Soulja Boy was a horrible rapper, he wouldn’t be a millonaire. He’s awesome and not to mention, hot. He’s a great rapper… but there are a few people I can think of that are cuter than him 😉

30 01 2009

i think osulja boy is so cute e makes me wanna kiss hym everywhere he is a verygood rapper who has alot of haterz!!!

1 02 2009
im yo numba 1 fan boi

Okay first off.. soulja boy i hope you see the things the fans sayin bout you on dis kuz you a great rapper and where i live everybody love ya. you has lots of haterz and damn fine too. and i think you N lil wayne should sing toghter or you N ne yo or somthin. and you made a big come back N got some good songs boi..iight? N i LOVE yo song kiss me thru the phone!

2 02 2009

today’s market is nothing but fads. his songs gain and lose popularity faster than a french hard-on…

16 02 2009

Soulja boy is my favorite rapper in the world! who r u to judge don’t forget he has fans so if her was a horrible rapper why would he have us?….exactly so why would anyone say that in the 1st place? ILY soulja boy!!! i wish he would kiss me thru the phone

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