L.A.X. Pushed Back….Again…

24 06 2008


Not to be a game hater or anything, but I’m just stating the obvious before I give you guys the news but, if the record is hot, why does it keep getting pushed back?  Is it the timing? the climate of sales? the records aren’t ready? 50 blackballing? lack of press? What is causing this guy’s record to be pushed back if its so monumental?  Just my two cents before I get into the news.  Maybe someone can enlighten me?





(taken from) HIPHOPDX.COM



LAX, the highly anticipated third album from The Game has been pushed back to an August 26 release date, the Black Wall Street CEO announced at his album listening party in Los Angeles last night.
Joining Game at the party were producers Cool & Dre, who contributed five tracks to LAX, including “Red Magic” and “My Life,” both featuring Lil Wayne. Other producers to pitch tracks are NottzJelly RollJ.R. RotemKanye West and – not reported last week The Trackmasters. Noticeably absent from the early tracklisting – which has yet to be finalized – was a collaboration with Nas, which Game recently confirmed to be a track dedicated toDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Game arrived to the first listening session for his album before many of the guests, sitting outside in a black Bentley with his Black Wall Street affiliates in tow. In an emotional introduction, he narrated his life story to the audience – consisting of many VIPs in town for the BET Awards – from “a pretty smart little cool dude” to a basketball player, gangbanger and eventually drug dealer in Compton who survived being shot in the heart.





2 responses

25 06 2008

Honestly I don’t get it because his first single Pain is hot as hell right now so I cannot understand why he or his label seem to want the public to get sick of it before his album drops. Just my opinion. I’m a Game fan too. But he seems to do this now like he did with The Doctor’s Advocate. I think he did it with The Documentary….well that must be his way of getting people to anticipate his album for higher first week sales.

25 06 2008

i think keisha cole is hott, yes, i like the video, but everytime game raps i cringe. his whole career is one giant name drop. yea he has some decent rhymes at times but…game is far from dope…but seriously…if his album is supposed to be sooooooo hott and soooooo monumental…why hasnt it came out? what are they waiting for? i would love to sit in one of the geffen/black wallstreet meetings

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