The Coup d’Etat Update

6 06 2008

The Coup d’Etat Mixtape is tearing up AMAZON.COM and other places as well.  When The Cincinnati first reported how well the mixtape was doing, it was the song Lollipop (remix) that had been garnering the attention.  Well, that’s no longer the case.  The entire album is killing Amazon.  The Coup d’Etat is now ranked 11,000 out of ALL albums on  The Lollipop remix is the #22 ranked song in Hip-Hop and R&B and the #347 most downloaded song in the entire site!  Over on EMUSIC.COM and GOODMUSIC.COM The Coup d’Teat is the in the Top 5 in the Hip-Hop and R&B Charts, coming in at number 4!!!!  Also 7874 Recordings is ranked in the top Record Labels on  The label ran by Kelvin “3rd-Shift” Brown is ranked 31st out of ALL labels ranked on EMUSIC!!!  The Coup d’Etat features 100% percent production by 3rd-Shift and is hosted by Columbus, Ohio DJ, DJ REDD FLASH.  The mixtape features music from Oba Rowland, G-Eazy, 5th Child, J-Leach and many more.  The mixtape becomes available on ITUNES June 18th, 2008 and expects to sell well on that medium as well!  


3rd-Shift has been working hard to outdo the sucess that the Coup d’Etat has achieved.  He has teamed up with Lil Bossy from Akron, Ohio to lead his debut production ALBUM, The Cincinnati Monster with the brand new single WHERE YOU BEEN AT?  The single has began to pick up speed and popularity nationwide with feedback being traced back all the way from California to New York.  Also, 3rd-Shift will be teaming up with DJ SMALLZ famous for his brand os SOUTHERN SMOKE MIXTAPES to bring to you the prequel to the album with the mixtape, Creating A Monster!!!!  


Once Again, thank you to everyone who has been purchasing The Coup d’Etat!  If you havent purchased one, make your way to Amazon and pick it up!  If you have, thank you!!!!!






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