18 05 2008

Tab Virgil Jr., known to the hip-hop world as Turk from the Hot Boys, could be getting out of jail soon, XXLmag.com has learned.The New Orleans rapper and another man were arrested in January 2004 after a drug raid gone bad in Memphis, Tennessee. Turk was later charged with second-degree attempted murder for shooting a SWAT team member and took a “best interest plea,” which means he disputed some of the charges, but agreed on a set punishment. The special plea is intended to limit a potential longer sentence handed down by a jury. He was eventually sentenced to 10 years behind bars. Turk also pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm.Turk’s lawyers filed an appeal and he was granted permission to make oral arguments before the judge.In February of this year, the Court of Criminal Appeals rescinded Turk’s guilty plea, ruling that the rapper entered the plea without fully understanding the consequences.On May 27 Turk will find out if he’ll be released from jail, on time served, or if he’s granted a new trial.Either way, the rapper said he’s feeling good about his chances of getting out.“I’ll be home by the summer,” he told XXLmag.com. “My whole time was fighting, man. Just trying to get back in court and get back out. That’s how I stayed focused.”Turk said he’s written about seven albums worth of material, using instrumentals from current music tracks and beats he conjured up with his imagination. Refusing to fall behind, he said he’s also been keeping a close eye on the hip-hop scene, from music, fashion and business trends, through magazines, BET and MySpace.He also said he ran up a huge phone bill over four years keeping in contact with people in the industry. He recently announced he’ll be returning to Cash Money Records when he’s released.At press time, however, representatives for Cash Money did not return inquiries made by XXLmag.com to confirm Turk rejoining the company.“The only thing I benefited from with this time is a good relationship with my soon-to-be wife,” Turk explained. “And I done wrote so many songs that when I get out, I’ma be ahead of the game. I feel like once I just get out and put some beats to it … I can’t lose. I can’t fail. It’s gonna be all about Turk. Trust me.”-Marcus Thompson, with additional reporting by Jayson Rodriguez




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19 05 2008

i love that he is comin home…i just hope he hasn’t stayed in the same kind of music mindframe that he was in when he went to jail….heres to hoping for some musical growth,

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