Music 2 Marketing?

16 05 2008

Am I stupid for posting a blog talking negatively about me? Not hardly, I think ( I think his name is Johnny) the person who wrote this article. You have shown me the first hate ever in a blog on the internet. You’ve shown me how to adapt to negative opinions and use them to turn them into positive energy. 50 said it best. I need you to hate, so I can use you for your energy. You shouldn’t have wrote anything on me.  All press is good press. You just made more people aware of me. Now, I have to opportunity to make fans out of them. When they GOOGLE the Cincinnati Monster, this site will come up! My videos, my music, my face. Marketability baby!!! I loved the article, it made me happy. Because more people will want to see “how garbage I am” and they might have a change of heart. This is great. You just inspired me to work harder! Thank you! Look at my flyers on campus, listen to my CD on ITUNES, but it off of ITUNES and AMAZON. But, most importantly keep talking about me. I love it “Johnny”.





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