8 05 2008

You know you’re doing something good when you have haters…I learned a valuable lesson by dealing with this Loyola bitchassness…When people really don’t like you, they do any and everything to take a hold of you to bring you down to their level. And, its when you let them get you to that crosshairs when you stop thinking about yourself and solely begin thinkin’ bout what they are saying and losing focus is when they’ve won. Clearly Marsille Reed, Kevin Cox and Jaque Berdere, Bordoe whatever are not even in my league. And, I’ve came really close to seriously hurting these individuals but when I came back down to reality and pondered what I was gaining from beating the senseless shit out of each one of them individually it didn’t add up to what I’m trying to accomplish as a man. So, ive catagorized these clowns as my litmus test. If they, or people like them aren’t mad at me I’m not working hard enough. If my name isn’t in your mouth, I’m not doing something right. If you hate that music and music alone is payng my bills then I’m happy. I thank God that I’ve finally learned a lesson an easy way instead of being behind bars for doing something really retarted to the three of these bitch niggaz really fucked up and not able to get my life back. So, I’m good. The smile is still on my face and there are still millions to be made. The nail hasn’t even grown long enough to scratch the surface of the sucess that I’m planning on receiving. I’m glad that I’ve used this to my advantage. Not to my disadvantage. People make diss records. Ok, since you didn’t take the time to register it with the Library of Congress. I did, so now I own your record that’s talking about me. Guess what, its for sale now. I’ll use that to pay my lights and/or heat. Depending on how hot you make it. I guess all my studying of 50 Cent finally paid off. This music is really chess. Everything has to be lined up in place for things to happen the way you want them too. And, I’ve capitalized in everyway shape form possible off of this without breaking a sweat. I’m really kind of proud of myself. LMAO!!! Curtis Jackson would be proud, to see so many frustrated people digging the hole deeper and deeper for themselves why I laugh my ass straight to the bank (pun intended). But, really looking at this shit from a real prespective I don’t understand. And, I’m glad I don’t because a real nigga won’t understand what fake niggaz do. So I’m chillin’. As of right now, I’m trying to crank out at least a beat a day. And, I’m looking at my microphone and protools pondering if I’ll ever rap. Lmao this shit is tempting. I think I’ll stick to talking shit over them, gettin my Jermaine Dupri/Mannie Fresh/Swizz Beatz on. I like saying my name on my own shit! It really is addicting! LMAO!!!! But, shout out to my man G-Eazy. That dude is the hardest working dude ever! And, the chemistry is bananaz!!!! I’m talking, I can start a beat @ 3:30pm. Finish rendering it at 5:30pm. Call him, email him write, record and mix it by midnight. And, ready to release it. Thats amazing! So man, its late…School Out! I’m Out!




2 responses

10 05 2008
Dominique N. Webb

As a response to your post on wow… that’s real shit, and I am so glad that you finally found it in yourself to stop dealing with bitchass niggas. Like G-Eazy said, fucking with them is not gonna do shit for your career or the money in your pocket. And if you ask me… at the stage of the game you at right now, anything that’s not gonna put you one step higher you shouldn’t even contemplate dealing with it… Especially if it you not gettin paid. Don’t nobody know these niggas and don’t nobody give a fuck about them, and you need not give these niggas any form of publicity because bad press is always good press… and thats real. Keep ya head my nigga, i fucks with you, believe that!
Much Love

10 05 2008
Dominique N. Webb

oh and the time on yo page is wrong… i left the comment at 4:39 PM not 9:39 PM lmao

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