Lazy Rappers…

29 04 2008

If there is any pet-peeve of mine, it is lazy rappers. God I cant stand lazy rappers! A lazy rapper is one who which expects to record ong song every two and a half months and expects for that song to pop and everybody else to work that record. No, that day is dead. Get off yo mutha fuckin ass and do some fucking work! The game is changing. With the availability of recording equipment and products like fruity loops and reason, everybody is a rapper now! Those products make it easier for everyone with a dream to chase it. So, common rational would tell you that with more competition, there needs to be more drive. What are you doing that the next rapper isn’t doing? There is no more room for excuses now a days. If you are a rapper and you’re reading this and you want to work with 3rd-Shift, don’t take this as arrogance or haughtiness take these statements as a sense of urgency. We live in a day and age where a rapper can record a song in his basement, market it right and sell 5 million ringtones off of it. There are no excuses! So if you are a lazy rapper, hopefully this will inspire you not to, because I will not work with a lazy nigga. I hate 50 for dropping Buck but he said it the best. In response to him dropping Buck he said, “When you got a grown man, they have to hit rock bottom. Why should I allow myself to hit rock bottom with them?” I’m not allowing myself to be dragged down with anyone simply because they don’t want to learn the game. This game is ever changing. If you are going to work with me, you got to step up to the plate with consistancy, and accountability. I run a future Fortune 500 company. And, I want talent that supports that goal.





One response

6 05 2008


dey jus dont get it these days.. still livin in da past thinkin success finna get fed to them in a spoon..
its still a 1 n a million to make it in this game.. its 1 out of everymillion with a dream has the drive to work hard enough to get it

—- G-Eazy

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